Artist Portfolios


My name is Ben Stubbs. I’m a vegan, straight edge tattooer from Valdosta, Georgia. I started tattooing in 2008. I specialize in color realism, but do many other styles. I have won several awards in many different categories over the years while attending tattoo conventions. Tattooing is my life and I always strive to do the best quality I can for my clients. When I’m not at the shop, I’m usually working out or hanging with my beautiful wife, Ansley, and our animal family.


My name is Kelly Stubbs. I am the owner of The Brass Quill Gallery and also one of its artists. I apprenticed under Ben Stubbs, who just happens to be my twin brother. While he focuses on color realism, my passion lies within color illustrative, neo-traditional and watercolor style pieces. I am currently striving to master many styles and am always up for a challenge. I love all things Disney, and relish the opportunity to create custom arrangements and collages of characters and objects. I am a devout vegan, but don’t let that scare you away. My personal convictions only enhance my work. I am on a journey to master the tenets of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance as the fundamental nature of the cosmos in which we are all a part of. I let these things be a guide as I create living art masterpieces, custom fit for their bearer. I am honored to permanently mark clientele with their own stories as part of their own journey. Tattooing is a gift that I am lucky enough to get to open every day. It’s truly humbling and I am forever thankful.


My name is Jacob Walsh and I was transported to Valdosta, Georgia from the Cretaceous period where I was raised by a pack of Velociraptors. When I realized I was human and my claws would never grow in, I turned to tattooing. I did my first tattoo in January of 2010.  While practicing multiple styles of tattooing, I predominantly enjoy tattooing illustrative realism.  My favorite subjects to tattoo are dinosaurs, pop culture, and animals. When I’m not tattooing or painting alligators, I’m probably reading or studying the differences in Godzilla suits from movie to movie.